Rich Merideth

Rich Merideth is not only Iona’s Son, but real estate partner also.  Rich has been licensed since 1998, and brings another 12 years of real estate experience to the team.  Rich has lived in the tri county region of Sacramento, Placer, El Dorado his whole life, and is proud to serve his clients with honesty, loyalty and experience. 
The Merideth Realty team has been one of the top producing teams in the tri county area for years.  “I love working with my family” says Rich!    “We are selling the American dream to other families.  It’s not just a job to us.  It's about putting other families and people in homes!  This is a huge life decision for our clients and just too important to trust to anyone except the Merideth Realty Team.”
Rich’s function on the team is as a listing and buyer specialist.  Rich started early in his career focusing on buyers and has developed a gifted eye for what buyers are looking for.  This knowledge segues well and benefits our listing clients.  “I have spent a lot of time working with buyers.  This experience and knowledge has taught me how to avoid certain pitfalls and obtain the best and highest price for my listing customers” says Rich.
The Merideth Realty team has partnerships all over the Real Estate world.  From helping their clients get a loan to helping them find the best property inspectors, the Merideth Realty Team has the answers.   “I want to take my clients from the beginning to the end of their real estate experience with a smile on their face.  Having the right partners in this business helps us provide excellent service to our clients” says Rich.