About Us

Merideth Realty Team

When you choose the Merideth Realty team you are not just hiring a Real Estate Agent.  You are hiring an entire team to work for you!  Iona Merideth works with a team of professionals that comprise the Merideth Realty Team and help her provide the highest level of service and the quality real estate experience her clients deserve. The Merideth Realty Team is a specialized real estate group catering to the Folsom, El Dorado Hills, El Dorado Foothills and Luxury Estate markets.
The Merideth Realty Team is comprised of 3 major players, Iona Merideth, Team Leader & Listing/Buyer Specialist; her son, Rich Merideth, listing and buyer specialist; and Dianna, transaction manager and customer support specialist. The team concept is so important in today’s Real Estate Market.  Foreclosures and short sales represent over 60% of the current Real Estate market.  These types of transactions are very time consuming, complicated and require above and beyond attention and industry knowledge.
A team of people is the best way to deal with these types of transactions.  The “above and beyond attention” is why we average a 90% success rate with our short sales when the current market success rate is only 60%.   Iona says “Having a team allows me to give my clients the kind of service they deserve.  There is always someone on our team willing to step up and help.  I couldn’t provide my clients with the superior service I expect from myself without the other members of my team.”
Through providing creative opportunities for their clients, Iona, Rich and Dianna believe in fostering long term relationships and promoting quality real estate experiences for their clients which bring clients back over and over again. "From the beginning of our transactions" says Rich Merideth, "We show our clients that our team will go above and beyond the average service and knowledge level that other agents provide.  "The team’s philosophical belief that word of mouth is paramount has helped Iona Merideth and the Merideth Realty Team develop a highly respected presence in the communities they serve.  "We love it when our clients tell their neighbors about the exceptional job we did for them." says Customer Support Specialist, Dianna.