Iona's Real Estate Update

Current Promontory Stats Sept 2011

September 27th, 2011

The Lowest Sale in Promontory 2011 YTD is $431,000.
The highest sale 2011 YTD is $1.1 million

#Active Listings: 47 homes
#Active Bank Owned: 1 homes
#Active Short Sale: 20 homes
#Pending Sale: 10 homes
#2011 YTD Sold: 81 homes

SFR as of 9/26/11

Current Folsom Stats for September

September 27th, 2011

The Lowest Sale in Folsom
2011 YTD is $70,000(condo).
The highest sale 2011 YTD is 827,500.

#Active Listings: 305 homes
#Active Bank Owned: 19 homes
#Active Short Sale: 186 homes
#Pending Sale: 144 homes
#2011 YTD Sold: 727 homes

**SFR as 9/21/11

Valuation Websites Offer Average Value

September 27th, 2011

It’s tempting to try and get a quick idea of your home value by using internet websites. However, it’s important to understand how those websites determine the value of a home. These “valuation websites” gather their information from comparison sales recorded in the tax record and “average” those sales prices.
But, ask yourself, if your home has upgrades, is your home average? Of course not!… and that is why an “Average” price per square foot should never be used to determine the value of a home! It’s important to consider that many Folsom homes have a myriad of upgrades and amenities. The “Valuation Websites” do not have the ability to adjust for those additional amenities & upgrades and often provide inaccurate results to unsuspecting home owners. Unfortunately, many home owners leave money on the table because they have not obtained a knowledgeable opinion from a knowledgeable Real Estate Broker.
If you are thinking about selling your home and want to get the most $$$, don’t settle for an “Average” evaluation…..
I will provide you with a FREE, “Appraiser” like evaluation of your home value! Simply place your request for your
FREE Home Valuation at or call me directly for a no obligation appointment…

Hiring Iona to sell your home makes a difference in your bottom line $$$!

September 27th, 2011

Iona Gets $50,000 More!

IONA SOLD! 1641 Bowen 2825 sqft 4bd/3ba $ 495,000 (6/14/11)
Village Financial SOLD: 1612 Manasco 2825 sqft 4bd/3ba $ 445,000 (7/12/11)

Iona Gets $28,000 More!

IONA SOLD! 909 Chaffin 2832 sqft 5bd/3ba $ 499,000 (7/29/11)
Other KW agent sold: 424 Williams 2832 sqft 5bd/3ba $471,000 (7/29/11)

Hiring Iona to sell your home makes a difference in your bottom line $$$!

The above statistics are not an anomaly for me! I often sell my listings for more than other agents sell similar listings in the same neighborhood (as shown above!).
 My annual sales price average per house ($436K) is one of the highest in Folsom
 In fact, $40K above my leading competitor(that’s $40K more PER each house sold as compared to the other top agent in Folsom)!
 Why? Because I am an expert in Folsom Home Sales! I understand the differences in Folsom neighborhood locations, views, upgrades, amenities and the value they add to each individual home and know how to apply that information to determine the value of homes in Folsom and get it to appraise!

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